Image of AUSMUTEANTS Amusements CD


by Ausmuteants



First proper LP by Melbourne/Geelong four piece - Jake, Billy, Marc and Shaun - some of who play in Living Eyes, Frowning Clouds, Leather Towel, Bonniwells, Heirophants and a few more. By far and away the best thing they've done, a great realisation of the bedroom synthpunk, '60s punk and new-wave noise they've been tooling around with over the last couple of years. You might even say they've matured until you hear the absurdly juvenile lyrics - enough teen snot to keep Rabelais happy. Twelve songs of killer synth-driven punk.

CD released on Agitated Records in the UK
No extra tracks, no lenticular trading cards

Bad Day
Daylight Robbery
No Motivation
Hate This Town
Pissing In Two Streams
Kicked In The Head By a Horse
Stepped In Shit
Flushing Problems
Inducing Instinct
Pissed Myself Twice
Fran Drescher's Alien Abduction